"Recalibrate and Celebrate: Tapping with a Twist of Time"

With Photography by Ilana Kristeva

Join us for tapping and laughing for wealth and health to elevate one and all!

Spending one hour a week together, we can make slight changes that create a tremendous impact on our ability to F.L.O.W.—Feel Light Offering Wisdom  from the time we wake up to the time we go to bed. Our families, communities, and organizations deserve our effort in bringing our best body and  voice forward!

"Tapping with a Twist of Time" begins on Tuesday, June 27, 2023.

Loving Time Deeply Brings Ease into Everything

Thank goodness we no longer feel like we are being held hostage subconsciously while…

• watching our loved ones struggle
• tolerating pain and trying to find relief
• spending time making money but losing sight of where it goes
• second-guessing ourselves on HOW and WHEN to take action with so many priorities
• believing that there is not enough time or money for self-care, vacations, and savings
• ____________________ (You fill in the blank.)

You may think that these problems have nothing to do with your personal relationship with time, but they are all connected.

Now, you can take time to strengthen your relationship with time forever...

by building a habit of collaborating with time—your most precious, irreplaceable resource—to strengthen your self-care practices for body, mind, heart/soul, and wallet while you are caring for others and Mother Earth, simultaneously. Yes!

Loving Time Deeply Brings Ease into Everything

First, access your gut intuition. Explore how many of these statements ring true for you:

💜 I believe that my body, mind, heart, spirit, wallet, Mother Earth, and time are all interconnected. Neglecting one area hurts the others, while boosting energy in all areas AS ONE invites miracles beyond human imagination.

💜 I believe that strengthening my partnership with time—instead of battling or racing against time—will improve many areas of my life.

💜 I love Mother Earth and want to invest in building healthy habits for my body and Earth’s body simultaneously. Although saving our environment is very challenging, I am ready to fine-tune my superpowers alongside others so we can offer our very best efforts together. #lonewolfnomore

💜 Practicing both meditation and physical movement—healthy flow of energy within my body as well as outwardly moving my body on a daily basis—helps me to feel comfortable in my own skin and to achieve greater peak performance. #ExceedAllExpectations

💜 Believing that vibrancy and prosperity go hand in hand, I aim for “intrinsic wealth," enjoying peace of mind, serenity, and security in a way that no amount of money can buy.

💜 With gratitude, I serve as a leader of a team, an organization, a community or tribe. Being able to lead by example consistently is one of my top priorities. #noimpostersyndrome

💜 Right now, I need a strong, intimate support group to help me prepare my body, mind, soul, and wallet for great adventures, creations, and relationships. Ilana and her High Vibe Tribe (small, private mastermind of intuitive entrepreneurs) can help me keep my promises to myself all year long!

💜 I am an awakened athlete who knows that physical fitness begins in the kitchen AND that the combination of body, mind, soul, and wallet fitness is key to optimal performance during training, travel, and competition.

💜 I am a coach, teacher, therapist/counselor/health practitioner, or first responder who currently works with clients, patients, athletes, students, or military personnel/veterans. First overcoming my own personal blocks using guided energy tools for connecting with time, I can improve the lives of many!

💜 I agree with these words of wisdom that Ilana received from the Great Sand Dunes (Colorado): “I am but one grain of sand, but with community, I am spectacular!”

💜 I am ready to prepare my body, mind, soul, and wallet to join Ilana Kristeva in the great outdoors of Sedona, Arizona, or at Mother Earth’s other spectacular playgrounds! #powerofplay

If many of these statements still ring true for you, please keep reading.

Copy of Summer Recalibrate and Celebrate Every Step of the Way!

Time can be a very difficult subject to talk about, especially for people who juggle many priorities, need to make decisions quickly, or struggle with schedules, calendars, planners, clocks, and more.

It is time for us to release energy that no longer serves us—or the planet—so that we can move forward in growing, flowing, and glowing. Join us in thanking Mother Earth for her guidance, love, and healing.

We are moving energy within our body, mind, soul, AND wallet. As part of Ilana's High Vibe Tribe you will deepen your appreciation for yourself, a human conduit of divine energy flowing from the heavens into the Earth's core and back. In your Zone of Genius, you can implement nature-based solutions such that miracles are the norm.

Consistency, vitality, prosperity, and FUN are all rolled into ONE!

"Tapping with a Twist of Time" starts on Tuesday, June 27, 2023.

Begin exploring how your remarkable friendship with time can improve many areas of your life AND benefit others as they see YOU, leading by example, using my many fun yet effective energy tools and techniques. Woohoo!

Grant yourself permission to let your hair down with a mastermind group that breathes, stretches, taps, and laughs together for one hour every week for 15 weeks beginning on June 27, 2023.

Strengthen your relationship with time to improve your vitality.

Join us for "Tapping with a Twist of Time!"

Ilana's High Vibe Tribe is a mastermind group for intuitive entrepreneurs who deepen their relationship with time to strengthen their unique businesses and programs that honor human dignity and Mother Earth while celebrating work/life balance in body, mind, heart, soul, and wallet!


We use these and other time-abundant and energy-boosting tools and techniques:
  • Body-Part Reconciliation™ (BPR) is an intimacy-building process to heal injuries to body, mind, soul, wallet, and Mother Earth. Dissolve your anguish while creating positive, new realities in this very moment.
  • Around the Clock™ (ATC) is a gentle process for letting go of inherited (intergenerational) trauma at the cellular level. Cherish yourself more deeply every day and BE the miracle.
  • Sacred Economy Fruit of Life (13 Circles) is a practical spiritual tool for organizing time, energy, relationships, and money. Have fun designing your present legacy!
  • Release Regrets and Rise™ (RRR) is a process for building 3 towers to release multigenerational regret, guilt, grief, and shame. Deepen your collaboration with time and move forward with grace, ease, and laughter!
  • 8 Brocades of Chi Gong is an ancient art of movement through which we actively flow "chi" energy between the heavens and the earth. As human conduits of divine, flowing energy, we can feel more effective in helping ourselves and others.


While sharing with you my blend of energy tools, including Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Progressive Energy Field Tapping (Pro EFT) and Chi Gong, I commit to our laughing through tears while dissolving our fears together. Time is on our side. Yes!
—Ilana Kristeva

Loving Time Deeply Brings Ease into Everything

Add "humble confidence" to your leadership style as you consistently collaborate with time.

Join us for "Tapping with a Twist of Time!"

Somewhere in your body you hear, "Recalibrate and Celebrate feels right for me."

BOLD GUARANTEE: If, after the first three consecutive weeks of participating in "Recalibrate and Celebrate: Tapping with a Twist of Time" you experience no improvement in your relationship with time or dislike Ilana's teaching style, self-care tips and techniques, or energy tools, you may end your participation and receive 100% of the money you have pre-paid for this program within 5-7 business days after emailing an "End of Agreement" letter to Ilana Kristeva. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

About the Master Storyteller and Pro EFT Practitioner

Ilana Kristeva, Self-Care Vigilante (Time Whisperer) and leader of the Vibrant Tribe and High Vibe Tribe, shows leaders how to build a loving, powerful partnership with time so they can live in their Zone of Genius 24/7, fine-tune their superpowers through movement from within and beyond, and lead by example with greater integrity and confidence.

Combining compassionate humor and mystical storytelling, Ilana masterfully integrates Pro EFT tapping techniques with Chi Gong (art of flowing energy) to guide leaders in gently dissolving intergenerational trauma and ancestral grief to become more resilient, robust, and unstoppable!

At Field of Choices, leaders Play Well, Sleep Well, to Serve Well. Together, we F.L.O.W.—Feel Light Offering Wisdom.

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I would like to feel fantastic from the inside out and journey with Ilana's Vibrant Tribe