Welcome, my truly gifted friends!

This private page is accessible only by you and a few other leaders, coaches, and practitioners. Special invitation, only.

Come play with me in Sedona, AZ, and breathe alongside amazing people who, like you, have been blessed with so many divine gifts and are ready to receive your shining presence. We are being called to Sedona to connect, play, co-create, and continue our healing journey not only for ourselves, individually, but also for humanity and Mother Earth. Yes, she needs us as much as we need her.


Let's begin, here:

Step 1: Please listen to the following audio recording, "Ilana's Sedona Prayer," written and recorded on March 3, 2018. If my prayer resonates with you, then proceed with the information below. Thank you!


Step 2: Consider hiking, hula hooping, and helping yourself while helping others alongside me. My retreats are spacious—workshop locations-wise, program itinerary, and group/solo-time balance 🙂

Step 3: Follow your intuition while reviewing this page over the next 18 months. Ask your body if you might be a great fit on my SuperTeam of workshop leaders and co-leaders for my "Play and Co-Create Retreat (Sedona 2019)" in preparation for my "Power of Play Retreat (Sedona 2020)."

Step 4: Let's schedule a Zoom video call to share thoughts on your potential participation in my vision. Email me at to schedule a convenient date/time, and I will send you a Zoom link inviting you into our private meeting. You may also call me at 916-382-2068 (business line with private voicemail).

Step 5: Save the Dates!

  1. "Ilana's Kristeva's Play and Co-Create Retreat (Sedona 2019)" - October 5-9, 2019. Come and take time out for yourself. Breathe deeply and spaciously. Allow my Sedona SuperTeam and potential SuperTeam members to support you in your restorative journey so you may continue to serve from a place of plenty. Explore my deeper vision for the "Power of Play Retreat (Sedona 2020)." Spouses and partners are welcome to join us.
  2. "Ilana Kristeva's Power of Play Retreat (Sedona 2020)" - October 17-21. Invite your tribes to our gathering to play, laugh, heal ourselves, others, and Mother Earth! My Sedona SuperTeam will present integrated modalities and lead amazing workshops/playshops created especially for this retreat.

Step 6: Peruse these vision statements and evolving retreat descriptions. Feel free to come back to this page for progress updates, including videos of me sharing thoughts with you and other helpful documents and resources.

  1. INVITATION to join Ilana's Sedona SuperTeam and enjoy "The Three H's: Hiking, Hula hooping, and Helping ourselves while helping others" - Like other potential members on my Sedona SuperTeam, you have overcome unimaginable obstacles in your life and live to tell your story, impart wisdom from the Universe, and desire to rest and rejuvenate so you may continue serving from a place of plenty. Come play with us in a safe and sacred environment. Together, we will discover what Mother Earth wishes to offer us in our healing journeys and explore what we may offer to replenish her as well.
  2. STORY behind Ilana's "Power of Play Retreat" in Sedona - Stay tuned for my video in which I describe the whisperings that led me to answer the call of Sedona to "Bring them here" and build the Sedona 2020 retreat.
  3. VISION and SCHEDULE for Ilana's "Play and Co-Create Retreat (Sedona 2019)" - Stay tuned for more information in my upcoming video regarding fun activities in the spirit of building co-created workshops/playshops for next year's large retreat. This October, we will enjoy group hiking, hula hooping, meditation, showcasing our specialties, and brainstorming sessions as well as bonding over great meals! There will be plenty of time for individual/private time for hikes, naps, tours, spa appointments, meditation, and more.
  4. TRAVEL LOGISTICS to Sedona for "Ilana's Play and Co-Create Retreat (Sedona 2019)" in October - Plan to fly into Phoenix Sky Harbor or Flagstaff Airport on Saturday, October 5, 2019. Sedona has a private airport on the Mesa as well. Book your flight and car rental separately from lodging accommodations. Explore your options to stay at any location of your choosing—from 5-star hotels to RV campgrounds—or join us at our "home base" in the Village of Oak Creek near Bell Rock. More information to come.
  5. PREPARATION for "Ilana's Play and Co-Create Retreat (Sedona 2019)" - On the second Saturday of each month, including August 10th and September 14th, I will hold a "meet and greet" session on Zoom (30-40 minutes) for anyone interested in connecting with other SuperTeam members prior to Oct 5th in Sedona. This will be a great time for me to present the latest updates and offer Q & A time.
  6. VISION and SCHEDULE for Ilana's "Power of Play Retreat (Sedona 2020)" - Visit Ilana's VISION for Sedona 2020. Stay tuned for more information in my upcoming video regarding SuperTeam-led workshops/playshops, group hiking, hula hooping, and meditation as well as bonding time over great meals! The schedule will be spacious for individual/private time, too—for hikes, naps, tours, spa appointments, meditation, and more.
  7. TRAVEL LOGISTICS to Sedona for "Ilana Kristeva's Power of Play Retreat (Sedona 2020)" - See above and stay tuned for more information
  8. PREPARATION for "Ilana Kristeva's Power of Play Retreat (Sedona 2020)" - I have built a nine-module online course to prepare potential Sedona 2020 attendees, called "Prosperous Travel for Leaders and Coaches (PTLC)." Physical, mental, spiritual, and financial fitness will be the focus of all course materials and discussions, podcast interviews with SuperTeam members, and 21-Day challenges. More information to come.

Thank you for making it through all this information! Please feel free to check back here for more videos and details as I continue building my Sedona SuperTeam and retreats.


Let's Play Well, Sleep Well, to Serve Well—together!



Self-Care Vigilante

Founder of Field of Choices and upcoming Instant Gratitude Now podcast