Promote Public Health and Safety

“The statistician in me instinctively knows that we will be in short supply of resources to meet the simultaneous high demand for medical attention and care attendants to support both older and younger generations. Whether we like it or not, that era is coming very soon. How can we change the direction in which we are headed? One way is to take personal responsibility for our own well-being and integrating more self-care activities into our daily lives. Self-care is the daily practice of inviting inspirational thoughts that ignite action toward developing, protecting, and growing a mind-body-spirit connection with the Universe.

In doing this, we express compassion for ourselves, which then empowers us to serve others. Being vigilant about living the principles and applying the wisdom and tools we learn, we become healthy role models and symbols of hope for others. Simply put, “Let it begin with me,” you, and us!”

Excerpt from Ilana Kristeva's Birth of a Self-Care Vigilante: Tap into the Universe for Recovery, Book 1, pp. 29-30.