The Combination of Pro EFT and Chi Gong


All over the internet you may find beautiful mountains of information regarding Emotional Freedom Technique or "EFT," as well as Progressive Energy Field Tapping or "Pro EFT," and countless videos on Chi Gong (Qi Gong) or Ki Gong.

The following is a snapshot of my personal history and approach:

Simply put, while in bed and a wheelchair (2007) facing dastardly pain, I found relief using my own fingers to tap on different areas of my body (meridians points). Over time and layer by layer, I released all kinds of traffic jams in my body: tension in my shoulders, pain in my legs, and nervousness with food, people, and more. I was using basic EFT.

My having intelligence, a high level of education, and versatility across disciplines and industries did not mean that I was willing to embrace self-care and follow simple directions. Strange but true. With Pro EFT, I confronted my mental and emotional constipation; relief from physical constipation was a bonus. Melting away my resistance to change was miraculous. Life improved as I gave my internal organs a voice and allowed my inner rebel (saboteur) to show me the roots of my anger and rebellion.

Letting go of toxic thoughts, emotions, and stress in my body was liberating. But I needed something else—not a drink or a pill—something to soothe and recalibrate my nervous systems undergoing this amazing transformation. With guidance from my ancestors and angels on Earth in human form, I integrated basic deep breathing techniques and movements known as chi gong (qi gong) into my daily tapping practice. Practicing a blend of tapping and chi gong exercises each day has increased my body-confidence, sense of value based on internal (not external) validation, and overall comfort and joy on this planet.

Today, I show leaders and coaches techniques to empower themselves using their very own bodies to overcome self-sabotage so healing on all levels can happen—physically, emotionally, and spiritually. The combination of Pro EFT™ and chi gong releases blocked, scrambled, or reversed energy and also rebalances natural energy flow. By facing our own complex issues, we can better serve others; strengthening our relationship with our internal organs (and systems) supports any protocol for physical or emotional recovery. When we take personal responsibility for our own vibrancy we are leading by example; practicing self-care promotes public health and safety, a win-win situation for individuals and communities!

Personal Note:

In Birth of a Self-Care Vigilante, I share many stories of how dialing into my gut intuition, integrating tapping and chi gong and many other healing modalities have helped me gain relief from chronic pain, anxiety, multigenerational trauma, and increase mental clarity and concentration. This may or may not work for you; however, dial into your own gut intuition and decide if this is for you.

Falling in love with living life on this planet was not an easy process for me; however, little by little my building a greater connection with the Universe has guided me in designing each day filled with inspiration to live it fully

This is ilana kristeva, Self-Care Vigilante. Remember to laugh deeply, frequently, and freely to heal and thrive!

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We thank you for being your best advocate and taking personal responsibility for your health and well-being. Listen to your gut intuition and trust yourself.