Overcome Self-Sabotage

“Tapping on the meridian points of my energy superhighway in my body was one of several powerful energy-based tools I used to reverse my subconscious resistance to the life I was meant to live. With guidance from highly skilled practitioners, many of my destructive patterns have dissipated. Closing the door on self-sabotage was heavenly.

The process of releasing physical and emotional constipation created a tremendous amount of space for goodness to enter and nourish me. Today, vibrations of victory resonate throughout my body and in all areas of my life, as I celebrate my strengths, embrace my shadows, and allow the real me to rise up from the ashes and soar like the phoenix!”

Excerpt from Ilana's Kristeva's Birth of a Self-Care Vigilante: Tap into the Universe for Recovery, Book 1, pp. 206-7.