Cultivate Your Laughing Zone and meet me in Sedona, Arizona, one of Mother Earth’s most spectacular playgrounds!

JOIN me and other prosperity-conscious adventurers for life-affirming experiences at the spiritual vortexes of feminine and masculine energy, Cathedral Rock and Bell Rock, respectively.

MAKE progress in breaking through your glass ceilings (including those that are self-imposed) and ACCESS new levels of consciousness on Red Rock and anywhere you are.

PROSPER with us like-spirited adventurers, as we enjoy “The 3 H’s—Hiking, Hula-hooping, and Helping ourselves while helping others.” That says it all!

Begin Preparing for Sedona Now

Integrate gentle yet powerful body-breathe-energy movements into your everyday activities: sitting, standing, lying down, walking, working, driving, training, and traveling. Embrace your physical limitations and prevent injuries.

Activate your inner athlete to access higher levels of physical performance endurance during stressful times: moving, marriage/divorce, job change, death of loved ones, and illness, injury, or isolation

Practice healthy habits that help ease your vacation travel and home re-entry. Physical and financial fitness are part of the serenity equation of this self-care retreat. Sedona is marvelous spiritual icing on the cake.

Are you ready to be a healthy, vibrant role model of leadership in serving your family, your team, the boardroom, courtroom, and broader community? Despite chronic pain or multigenerational trauma, you, too, can make life-affirming choices that nourish the mind, body, and spirit simultaneously. BE living proof that letting go of “old” stories makes room for new ones filled with vibrancy and prosperity.

Allow me to ignite your desire to train for physical, spiritual, and financial fitness. Leverage the resources of our tribe—wealth of knowledge, experience, and compassion in the fields of healthcare, fitness, and finance. Let’s be Olympic champions in every way, shine with grace and laughter, and be vibrant team players, creative geniuses, and business moguls. Together, we feel fantastic in our bodies while serving communities from a place of plenty!


When we "Play Well, Sleep Well, to Serve Well," our field of choices is limitless. We are abundant beyond boundaries!

Love Sedona?


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