Manage Time with Greater Ease

“There is plenty of time for everything the Universe needs me to do. My body could not have gained an ounce of quality recovery had I not made peace with time. My first few years in bed and in a wheelchair were brutal because of my unhealthy relationship with time. Staying home was a prison sentence, and I had to retrain my brain to treat this time with respect and care, no matter how bad my physical pain was.

All my personal flaws, character defects, and shadows rose to the surface. Symptoms of hyperactivity disorder and other compulsive tendencies flared up and filled my mind with horrible thoughts. I watched dust bunnies grow and multiply, saw bacteria spread everywhere in my mind’s eye, and nearly collapsed from the frustration of not being able to clean my own house. What I eventually discovered was that the more I struggled, the more I needed to focus on what was happening inside my body. a

Even though I was too hyper to meditate much, meditation became the primary tool of relief from my insanity.”

Excerpt from Ilana Kristeva's Birth of a Self-Care Vigilante: Tap into the Universe for Recovery, Book 1, pp. 170-1.