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On my 50th birthday, someone said to me, "Now that you're 50, it's all downhill from here." I responded, "This may be true for you, but my life is just beginning!" How about yourself? Think about how feeling fantastic in your body and connecting with your inner athlete enhance your life.


Imagine having tools like these (from Birth of a Self-Care Vigilante):

"F.L.O.W.—Feel Light Offering Wisdom”

OVERCOME self-sabotage

MANAGE time with greater ease

PROMOTE public health and safety

DIAL into your Dan Tian and LIVE your best life ever!

Together, we can breathe, tap, and laugh!


We integrate into our daily lives numerous deep-breathing and stretching techniques (chi gong) to expand our rib cage and improve our posture, making room for happy internal organs and flowing cerebral spinal fluid


We use our own fingertips for tapping on different points of our bodies to boost energy within our bodies by releasing stuck energy (traffic jams) and stimulating positive flow of "chi" energy


We dare to transform something awful into something awesome and to discover ways to celebrate being kids in adult bodies. Make your days and nights easier by taking on adult responsibilities with childlike enthusiasm and energy!

Find laughter and compassion WITHIN you—in your mind, heart, and actions. Laughing inside out has transformed my suffering into countless moments of joy. Since birth I have been diagnosed with a boatload of physical and mental ailments on top of numerous addictions and compulsions that turned my life upside down. If I do not laugh my way through these dark tunnels, I will not make it out of bed to see the light of day. Depression sucks. That is why my tombstone will read, “She died laughing.” More info: Cultivate Your Laughing Zone.

Turn Inward Moving Energy (T.I.M.E)

Start now. Feel fantastic in your body to clear your mind and to satisfy your soul!


BRING my “7 Key Ingredients to Vibrancy” into your daily life (Birth of a Self-Care Vigilante, p. 125)

ADOPT my Self-Care Vigilante healing-and-growth mindset using the 26 Self-Care Vigilante Affirmations (Birth of a Self-Care Vigilante, p. 187-219)

MEET my challenge: “transform what you perceive as awful into something awesome and maintain this attitude of gratitude 365 days a year (Instant Gratitude: 365 Days of Grace, Ease, and Laughter, p. x-xii)

COMBINE EFT and Pro EFT™ “tapping” tools with Chi Gong breathing and stretching movements (Ilana's approach: Pro EFT™ and Chi Gong)

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We have a powerful, innate mechanism for tracking what we need at any given moment, "gut intuition." Let's fine-tune our body (truth monitor) and empower ourselves to make decisions that lead to positive outcomes for ourselves and others. Cultivate Your Laughing Zone during the next two years and meet me in one of Mother Earth’s most spectacular playgrounds.

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I would like to feel fantastic from the inside out and journey with Ilana's Vibrant Tribe


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