Ilana Kristeva with Joseph Warren

Interview: June 5, 2019

💜🙏💜 Ilana Kristeva and Joseph Warren—BOLD Beyond Boundaries on "Broken Catholic" 💜🙏💜

I am absolutely grateful to have followed divine inspiration that led to my co-creative partnership with Joseph Warren, podcast host of “Broken Catholic” and “Your First $100K.” Back in February of this year, we crossed paths but had no energetic connection, no synergy, no nada. However, at the beginning of Lent this year, all this turned around. Timing is everything. And here we are!🙂

In my eyes, Joseph is a respectful and polite yet unapologetically BOLD person — Bright, Open-hearted, Loving, and Determined to help people bring their greatest struggles out into the open and find strength and hope as they grow deeper in connection with their true selves and with God. In short, he's got guts, guts to say what is in his mind and heart. Grateful to be a guest on his show, I wanted to rise to the occasion and match his courageous heart.

Through our conversation in this episode of “Broken Catholic,” you will learn more of my spiritual journey that brought me from “groaning to glowing”—determination to feel fantastic in my body no matter what. Surprising to both of us, we talked a lot about my gender issue while describing our personal relationships with God. Did I trust Joseph enough to speak about my life-long feelings of having been born in the wrong body? Listen and determine that for yourself.

Gender dysphoria is not an easy topic to discuss, but we feel that if just ONE listener finds this helpful, healing, and hopeful, then we have done our job! Write to me and let me know what you think. And if inspired, join me—and “BC Nation”—in bringing even more Light to the world no matter how dark it may appear. Enjoy this episode!

Ilana Kristeva on Broken Catholic Podcast - June 5 2019

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