Ilana Kristeva's Sedona SuperTeam!

"It is time that we actively promote healthy leaders to serve from a place of spiritual prosperity and to govern with vibrancy. When we play well and sleep well to boost vibrational frequencies throughout our body, mind, spirit, wallet, and Mother Earth, humanity wins."  —Ilana Kristeva

We are a tribe of VIBRANT people who play well, sleep well, to serve well—members of the Sedona SuperTeam for my "Play and Co-Create Retreat, Sedona 2019," a launching pad for my "Power of Play Retreat, Sedona 2020." From Saturday through Wednesday, we will hike, hula hoop, and help ourselves while helping others.

Coming together to answer the call of Sedona, we allow Mother Earth to help us heal and to give back to her in the most intimate, dynamic way—through all of us united together.

  • Connecting with our inner athlete, we play, laugh, and heal
  • Building stronger relationships with ourselves, our Creator, one another, and Mother Earth, we find deeper friendships, partnerships, and alliances of all kinds
  • Broadcasting high vibrational frequencies of joy, compassion, and love, we raise consciousness within and among us to follow truth revealed by Mother Earth through Sedona Red Rock.

Be prepared to emerge from our playful celebration with greater vibrancy, inspiration, and direction!

Ilana Head Shot

Ilana Kristeva

Red Rock Hugger Extraordinaire

Jim's Head Shot

Jim Geiger

Elite Mountaineer

Andrea's Head Shot

Andrea Dawn Driver

Voice for Mother Earth

Marques' Headshot

Marques Anderson

Bearer of Light

Julie's Head Shot

Julie Saillant

Horse Whisperer - Heart Connector


Bill's Head Shot

William "Bill" Conard

Voice of Medicine with Compassion


Karen's Headshot

Karen Takagawa

Galaxy Connector

Sam's Headshot

Samuel Wellington

Red Rock Warrior

Joan's HeadShot

Joan Marie

Compass for Compassion

James' HeadShot

James Chang

Karma Intuitive


Suzanne "Sue" Khan

Planter of Inspiration