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Ilana Kristeva, MPA

Self-Care Vigilante ~ Vibrance Coach ~ Compassionate Comedienne

Founder of Field of Choices ~ Pro EFT™ Practitioner

Creator of the Spiritual Vaccine Summit (Sedona 2020), Instant Gratitude Now Podcast, and the Walletpalooza Playshop

"Mastering our ability to play elevates humanity to a new level of consciousness—oneness of human body and Earth body for a brighter future."   

~ Ilana Kristeva

Ilana Kristeva is a luminary and a guide, inspiring leaders to bring their best body and voice forward in service to communities and to Mother Earth. Fit, fabulous, and fifty-plus despite illness, injury, and isolation, she is living proof that neuroplasticity is not just another beautiful scientific theory; it is her reality.

On a bridge that connects Western Medicine and eastern practices, Ilana combines Pro EFT™ (Progressive Energy Field Tapping) and Chi Gong to help mentors attain higher levels of prosperity consciousness—to be robust in managing time, chronic pain/illness, and finances.

Vibrant Leaders: “Play Well, Sleep Well, to Serve Well."

Creator of the Tap into the Universe for Recovery book series and the Instant Gratitude Collection, Ilana Kristeva motivates audiences to move energy within their bodies to overcome self-sabotage.

With humor and flowing energy, she teaches her practical yet spiritual self-care tools for promoting public health, safety, and harmony: 7 Key Ingredients for Vibrancy, 26 Self-Care Vigilante Affirmations, and Instant Gratitude Now.

Ilana is the creator of the Play and Co-Create Retreat (Sedona 2019), the Spiritual Vaccine Summit: Mastering Our Ability to Play (Sedona 2020), and the Power of Play Retreat (Sedona 2021). Ilana and her Sedona SuperTeam of holistic practitioners and athletes move communities from scarcity consciousness into prosperity consciousness in mind, body, soul, and wallet. She is also the host and producer of Walletpalooza Playshops.


Designing Time for You - Adopt Ilana’s mindset that helps you create achievable goals in your day filled with prosperous self-care, attainable balance, and healthy boundaries.

Audiences connect with Ilana as she shares humorous stories of how she partners with her Inner Rebel to overcome self-sabotage, boost vibrancy, confidence, and serenity that shines.


Easing Chronic Pain - Embrace Ilana’s “healing-and-growth mindset” to gain clarity and live your mission on this planet despite illness, injury, or isolation.

Audiences find comfort in Ilana’s soothing voice, contagious laugh, and memorable messages in colorful stories.


Laughing Through Stress and Tears - Ignite your power to transform something you perceive as awful into something awesome; this is instant gratitude in action.

Audiences shape a hopeful future with Ilana’s techniques for replacing mental/emotional constipation with grace, ease, and laughter.


What appeals to me most about working with Ilana is how positive and joyful she is in a variety of settings. Her energy and playfulness inspires me to uplevel my training and feel even better than I thought possible, which in turn makes many wonderful things happen through her!

—Jim Geiger, Life Coach - Personal Trainer - Mountaineer. Founder of Summit Leader Coaching. Author of Take the Next Step: A Memoir of An Accidental Climber


Authentically engaged in her passions, Ilana Kristeva effectively shares her great zest for life in service to communities. She is a generous, thoughtful and natural leader.

—Jackie Shea, Podcast Host of Healing Out Loud.


Ilana projects a calm presence that comes from a place of wisdom and healing.

—Ken Volpe, Music Producer


Ilana’s passion for life and amazing energy really shine. I think that her candor, warmth, and tenacity will inspire others who have struggled with their health to move forward with hope and optimism. With tremendous determination to prevail, she overcame multiple layers of trauma to reclaim her life. Her willingness to be vulnerable by sharing her story, just to help others, is truly a gift to the world.

—Lindsay Kenny, EFT Master and Founder of the Pro EFT Institute



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Ilana Kristeva's Media One Sheet-May 2019