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Caring for the well-being of your mind, body, spirit, and wallet with an attitude of gratitude enhances not only the quality of your life but that of all those around you. Prosperous self-care is vital to public health, safety, and harmony!

Moment by moment throughout your day, commit to what works well for you while letting go of what holds you back. This is practical spirituality. We make it fun; you can, too!

Click on the links below for your complimentary downloads and enjoy Instant Gratitude: 365 Days of Grace, Ease, and Laughter eBook (PDF format or Kindle mobi format), the "Self-Care Vigilante Affirmations™ Mini Poster" (in PDF format) and the "Self-Care Vigilante Affirmations™ Mini Poster Audio Recording (excerpt from Birth of a Self-Care Vigilante audiobook, Appendix C, narrated by Ilana Kristeva and © 2018 Ilana Kristeva):

  • Jumpstart your brain and spirit every morning with Instant Gratitude by reading each day's gratitude expression and then writing your very own list of things you are grateful for, as well as your top 3 priority actions for the day
  • Diagram or doodle any images that come to you in the space provided
  • Say aloud any of the 26 Self-Care Vigilante affirmations to cultivate good vibrations so you may find solutions
  • Print out multiple copies of the Mini Poster for your refrigerator, kitchen cabinet, bathroom mirror, work station, and anywhere else
  • Join me while you listen to my audio recording
  • Feel the wonderful vibrations of my voice and yours, together.

This world needs your light, talent, and vibrancy. Thank you for allowing these and other practical, spiritual tools to help you feel FANTASTIC and perform your best while serving loved ones and your communities.

Yes, prosperous self-care ROCKS!    ~Ilana Kristeva

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