Dial into your Dan Tian & Live Your Best Life Ever!

“I truly believe that we all have a magical strength within us. Most athletes, firefighters, neurosurgeons, and people who care for newborn babies automatically access this power every single day. They trust their instincts to guide them, listening to knowledge that comes from beyond their conscious minds...It is as if angels are lifting their bodies upward and telepathically sending them the exact information they need to know and what to do. How awesome!

…As I grew healthier, my body released nearly thirty pounds. My body, not my mind, taught me how to eliminate what did not belong—without surgery, diets, or programs. Looking younger every year was not in my plan either, but I can live with that.

...I honor my Dan Tian, a special space just below my belly button and inward. It is my center, the home of my soul, where my body is connected to everything that is bigger and beyond what I am. Each one of us has a Dan Tian, where our gut intuition resides, right about where our intestines and diaphragm muscle for deep breathing and powerful singing are. Picture your spiritual umbilical cord to the Universe, connecting your Dan Tian to the sky, stars, and galaxies beyond. Imagine receiving light, energy, strength, information, and wisdom into it, allowing you to expand and flourish on Earth.”

Excerpt from Ilana Kristeva's Birth of a Self-Care Vigilante: Tap into the Universe for Recovery, Book 1, pp. 103-107.