"I believe that a self-care regimen that expands our capacity to laugh deeply, frequently, and freely delivers the best medicine."

—Ilana Kristeva


Diagnosed with one of the most painful nerve disorders, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS), as well as other physical and mental conditions, I dare to live my best life ever! Giving up would be easier, but each day I embrace and partner with my inner rebel to overcome challenges. Activating my attitude of gratitude and a treasure chest of tools, I cross finish lines throughout the day with grace, ease, and laughter. You can, too!

My name is Ilana Kristeva, Self-Care Vigilante, a leader who inspires leaders to shine in service to others. I am living proof that it IS possible to be fit, fabulous, AND fifty+ despite illness, injury, or isolation. Neglecting myself was painful and expensive. Now no longer bedridden and in a wheelchair, I celebrate living in the ONE body I’ll ever have. Join me and F.L.O.W.—Feel Light Offering Wisdom, as we explore our life-adventure lists together.

Is Ilana Kristeva a dynamic speaker, a positive role model who is surprisingly entertaining as well? Or is she a vibrant comedian who vividly demonstrates how personal self-care promotes public health and safety? You decide.


Creator of the Tap into the Universe for Recovery book series and the Instant Gratitude Collection, Ilana Kristeva offers interactive presentations that engage the audience in moving energy within their bodies, overcoming self-sabotage, and making positive choices for daily self-care that ultimately promote public health and safety. Her compassionate presence brings grace, hope, and healing laughter to people facing difficult-to-talk-about issues, including:

  • Designing Time for You – Adopt a mindset that helps you create achievable goals in your day filled with vigilant self-care, attainable balance, and healthy boundaries.
  • Easing Chronic Pain and Disease – Embrace a healing-and-growth mindset to demonstrate daily self-compassion and belief in your purpose on this planet despite illness, injury, or isolation.
  • Laughing through stress and tears – Ignite your power to transform something awful into something awesome—instant gratitude in action!
  • Embracing Our Genders – Celebrate both masculine and feminine energies as your inner goldmine.
  • Dissolving Scarcity to Welcome Prosperity – Create new habits of leaving behind insecurity to allow soul-satisfying abundance into every breath you take.

Ilana motivates audience members to empower themselves as they take home and practice tools that strengthen their collaborative team of body, mind, and spirit connected to a bountiful Universe.



Ilana is available for interviews and interactive presentations to leaders and coaches affiliated with pain management clinics, governmental agencies, athletic organizations, and business-to-business communities. Her talks are based on extensive personal success in adopting these powerful tools, as presented in Birth of a Self-Care Vigilante:

  • 7 Key Ingredients to Vibrancy
  • 26 Self-Care Vigilante Affirmations
  • Mindfulness Meditation and Tapping Exercises

as well as other tools, techniques, and processes.

To request Ilana Kristeva's appearance or participation in

  • radio/TV interviews
  • group presentations
  • Self-Care Comedy performances
  • wellness retreats
  • author events and book signings

please feel free to Explore Speaking Engagements. Fees for speaking engagements vary, based on event, organization, and travel destination.

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