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I believed I could play only after working hard. At Field of Choices, we start the day by boosting our playful energy—smiling, laughing, and embracing our “inner rebel,” our saboteur. Carrying joy bubbles helps us F.L.O.W.—Feel Light Offering Wisdom throughout the day. Our bodies feel it. People can see it in our eyes and hear it in our voices. Join Our Tribe.



I believed sleeping was a waste of time; there would be plenty of time to rest when I’m dead. After landing in a wheelchair, I found the opposite to be true: “Resting is investing!” (from Birth of a Self-Care Vigilante, p. 170).

At Field of Choices, we create space in our calendars for rest and rejuvenation—not just occasionally but consistently. Demand for high performance requires quality sleep for mind, body, spirit, and wallet. Deliberate recovery works—"consciously following our gut intuition and taking bite-sized steps to invite life-affirming nutrients into the body, mind, and spirit simultaneously" (from Birth of a Self-Care Vigilante, p. 3).



I believed my value on this planet increased the harder I worked to keep people happy; over exhausting myself was noble. Caffeine, nicotine, sugar, and other energy boosters aged me quickly. The “high” was great but being a slave was not.

At Field of Choices, we use our own bodies to perpetuate flow from our internal energy power plant (Dan Tian) clearing away traffic jams in our energy super highway (meridian system). The combination of physical and spiritual fitness strengthens our connection with the Universe. Our journey is fun; the destination is bonus! Explore Tools

About the Master Storyteller and Pro EFT Practitioner

Ilana Kristeva, Self-Care Vigilante and leader of the Vibrant Tribe and High Vibe Tribe, shows leaders how to live in their Zone of Genius 24/7, fine-tune their superpowers through movement from within and beyond, and lead by example with greater integrity and confidence.

Combining compassionate humor and mystical storytelling, Ilana masterfully integrates Pro EFT tapping techniques with Chi Gong (art of flowing energy) to help leaders gently dissolve intergenerational trauma (ancestral grief) and elevate their capacity to be resilient, robust, and unstoppable!

At Field of Choices, leaders Play Well, Sleep Well, to Serve Well. Together, we F.L.O.W.—Feel Light Offering Wisdom.

Ilana Head Shot

My name is Ilana Kristeva, Self-Care Vigilante—living proof that neuroplasticity is not just another beautiful scientific theory; it's my reality. Fit, fabulous, and fifty+, I show leaders and coaches how to bring their best body and voice forward so they may serve from a place of plenty.
Broadcasting Vibrancy Everywhere

Jim Geiger

"What appeals to me most about working with Ilana is how positive and joyful she is in a variety of settings. Her energy and playfulness inspires me to uplevel my training and feel even better than I thought possible, which in turn makes many wonderful things happen through her!"

—Jim Geiger, Life Coach - Personal Trainer - Mountaineer. Founder of Summit Leader Coaching.


“Ilana Kristeva’s crazy journey will give even the most affected by chronic pain (like myself) real hope for exciting new possibilities. I strongly believe that anyone feeling as though they are ‘stuck’ in their position in life could benefit greatly...I love her description of vibrancy: ‘The glow of the dancing flame in our soul that shines within us so brightly that people can see it from the outside.’ She is able to generate vibrancy, inspiration, and excitement in me—and it feels fantastic!

—Tara White, R.N., B.S.N., CRPS survivor, and Facilitator for the Sacramento Chapter of the American Chronic Pain Association (ACPA)

I would like to feel fantastic from the inside out and journey with Ilana's Vibrant Tribe