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Hello, everyone! My name is Ilana Kristeva, Self-Care Vigilante—living proof that neuroplasticity is not just another beautiful scientific theory; it's my reality. Fit, fabulous, and fifty+, I show leaders and coaches how to feel fantastic in their bodies and serve with enthusiasm despite illness, injury, or isolation. Enjoy our voices on my upcoming podcast,

Welcome to Field of Choices, where we Play Well, Sleep Well, to Serve Well.

PLAY: I believed I could play only after working hard. At Field of Choices, we start the day by boosting our playful energy—smiling, laughing, and embracing our “inner rebel,” our saboteur. Carrying joy bubbles helps us F.L.O.W.—Feel Light Offering Wisdom throughout the day. Our bodies feel it. People can see it in our eyes and hear it in our voices. Join Our Tribe.

SLEEP: I believed sleeping was a waste of time; there would be plenty of time to rest when I’m dead. After landing in a wheelchair, I found the opposite to be true: “Resting is investing!” (from Birth of a Self-Care Vigilante, p. 170). At Field of Choices, we create space in our calendars for rest and rejuvenation—not just occasionally but consistently. Demand for high performance requires quality sleep; our self-care vigilante mindset helps to heal our bodies, relationships, and wallets. Deliberate recovery works when we are "consciously following our gut intuition and taking bite-sized steps to invite life-affirming nutrients into the body, mind, and spirit simultaneously" (from Birth of a Self-Care Vigilante, p. 3). We Play & Sleep Well.

SERVICE: I believed my value on this planet increased the harder I worked to keep people happy; overexhausting myself was noble. Caffeine, nicotine, sugar, and other energy boosters kept me going but aged me quickly. The “high” was great, but I hated being a slave to substances. At Field of Choices, we use our bodies to stimulate energy from our internal energy power plant (Dan Tian in the lower abdomen) and to unblock traffic jams in our energy super highway (meridian system). By training for physical and spiritual fitness, we strengthen our connection with the Universe and receive timely infusions of insight and strength. Our journey is fun; the destination is bonus! Explore Tools

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